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Organic and biodynamic wines

Organic and biodynamic wines

We are winegrowers since 1448.

In 1980, we started a common project to create wines and cavas to represent the identity of our terroirs.

Today, these are cultivated following the principles of ecological and biodynamic agriculture, where the land, plants, animals and man work together to improve and preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Biodynamic agriculture: pioneers and convinced

The viticulture practiced to obtain biodynamic wines is to prioritize the health of the vineyard. Just as traditional viticulture focuses on combating diseases and pests, biodynamic viticulture stimulates the health of the vineyard so that diseases are not a problem, understanding that the vineyard is a life system in itself and must be treated – as such, holistically. Many consider biodynamics to be a more advanced form of ecological viticulture. And we began to use it in 2000, in Can Miquel de las Planes estate (Gelida).

The farmhouse of Can Miquel de las Planes, located in Gelida (Alt Penedès), was founded in 1513 by Joan Miquel de las Planes. More than twenty generations later, Pere Parera is the owner, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his father. One of the founders of Vins El Cep, he has always been a winegrower dedicated to his land and a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture in the Penedès region.

Throughout our history, each generation has contributed its grain of sand, its advances, but also the wisdom of knowing how to see and reflect. The experience gained from this direct contact with the land led us, in 2000, to direct our agriculture towards organic farming.

Shortly afterwards, with the desire to continue improving at all levels, we decided to take a step further and apply biodynamic agriculture. Although at that time it was a type of agriculture that was quite unknown at home, the results spoke for themselves and we decided to go for it. Today, we are still betting on it.

Biodynamic agriculture seeks a balance with the ecosystem, the preservation of biological diversity and the recovery of the earth’s microbial activity. The goal of this type of agriculture is to have naturally balanced, healthy vines that produce better quality grapes and great expressiveness of the terroir.

Biodynamics takes organic farming one-step further, following the lunar and astronomical calendar (biodynamic calendar) as a guide to natural cycles and plants healing herbs to the vine, such as valerian, nettle, dandelion or chamomile. And it is fertilized with biodynamic compounds.

Characteristics of biodynamic wines:

– No use of genetically modified microorganisms

– Do not use unauthorized clarifiers

– Maximized use of gravity techniques for warehouse work

– Minimal rectification of the harvest result

– Use of only native yeasts

– Minimal or no use of sulfur

Claror: the first biodynamic cava in the world (Cava de Paraje Cualificado)

Claror is synonymous with purity; it is the essence of cava, the maximum expression of the Mediterranean with the three traditional varieties of the Penedés. The first cava produced according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. A cava that has been aged for a long time and represents the maximum expression of the terroir.