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Ecological and sustainable viticulture: our commitment to nature.

Ecological and sustainable viticulture: our commitment to nature.



We are a sustainable, responsible and efficient winery.

We work every day to fulfill our commitment to the landscape. We work sustainably with renewable energies, respecting the environment in the vineyard and in the winery.

We strive to improve water management, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We invest to operate with photovoltaic energy.

We are what you see.



Two generations combine experience and tradition with passion and new ideas and techniques. Strict control of the process, the latest technology and judicious blending are the keys to the success of our wines and cavas.


The location of our winery, in close proximity to our vines, ensures that the grapes reach the winery in the best possible condition. The grapes are pressed with gentle pressure to extract the purest part of the must, a maximum of 50 %, which guarantees the highest quality for our wines. To customise each of the wines we produce, we vinify each grape variety separately, according to their vineyard of origin. This is carried out in small vats with careful control of the fermentation process.


Our bottles rest, protected from the light, at a constant level of humidity and at low temperatures. Only these optimal conditions, together with a long ageing process, enable us to transform the grapes into exceptional cava year after year.

Our long ageing process gives our Reserva and Gran Reserva cavas a complex bouquet, finesse and a good integration of the carbon dioxide bubbles.


We bottle our wines and cavas during the first few months of the year, when temperatures are at their coolest. In these conditions, a slow fermentation is carried out in the bottle, to obtain the best aromas and finest bubbles that will combine to begin the long ageing process. Selected yeasts give our cavas their complexity and character.