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since 1448

Vins El Cep, winegrowers since 1448, was born from the union of four families of winegrowers and four estates. Since 1980, they have been producing unique, high quality wines and cavas, the expression of our terroirs. Located in the Costers de l’Anoia, in Can Llopart de les Alzines, we are pioneers in ecological and biodynamic viticulture.

We strive to achieve the perfect balance between respect for nature and the high quality we achieve in the winery.

Our vines are our heritage, our roots are our countryside.

4 families of winegrowers

Each seed represents one of our 4 families

Familia Esteve
Family Esteve
Maite Esteve
Família Parera
Family Parera
Pere Parera
Familia Carreras
Family Carreras
Pilar Carreras
Família Massana
Family Masana
Montse and Mercè Masana

Our Path

The Carreras, Esteve, Masana and Parera families had already forged links in past times, which went far beyond being good neighbours and friends. They all had long experience in agriculture and in their families’ winemaking tradition. In 1980, we embarked on a project to produce wines and cavas that endeavour to represent the identity of our terroirs.

Can Llopart de les Alzines, an estate dating back to 1499, surrounded by the vines, was the location chosen to build the Vins El Cep winery.

The backbone of this project was, and always will be, these four friends who combined their passion, knowledge, and love for their land, and who have made the business what it is today. They had the grapes and over time they managed to refine both the vineyards and the winery, to obtain high-quality, expressive wines.

Cava Clos Gelida 4 Heretats

Our Cavas

Discover our organic and biodynamic sparkling wines

Clos Gelida 4 Heretats

The reflection of our heritage. Personality and elegance. Four estates and four grape varieties with xarel·lo as the main base, the fruit of our extensive knowledge of the region.

Vi Clot del Roure

Our Wines

Discover our organic and biodynamic wines

Clot del Roure

Estate wine made from old vine following the principles of biodynamic farming. 77 years old vine with deep roots and the calcareous composition of the soil provide the maximum expression of Xarel·lo. Elegant and rich nuances wine.



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